MOOSIC by Jeff Erzin -

Once upon a time in a far off cold land callled Snowtown lived a young moose named Moosic. Mousic was the sort of moose that didn't like the cold. He didn't like to frolic in the snow like the other mooses. moosic would put on his snow boots which the bought at Gertrude Penguins snowboot retail store next to Merl polar bears frosted drink and haircut place in downtown Snowtown. He would also put on his mittens and scarf and heavy sweater and then proceed to go out and stand in the snow watching the other mooses frolic. Moosic liked to watch them but then it would get too cold for him and he would go back inside. One day while Moosic was having his breakfast of salmon and hot cocoa a knock came at the door, "who is it" Moosic said. "It's me, Finster! can I come in!" cried Finster. "Sure Moosic said. Finster was Moosics best moose friend. He understood Moosics dislike of the cold. "We have to figure out a way to warm things up" Moosic said as he gulped down the tasty cocoa. "I have heard that in a far off cave in the snowy mountains there lives and old hermit who has the secret to warming things up," said Finster. You see Moosic and Finster were not the only ones in Snowtown that disliked the cold. Ever since anyone can remember all the animals in snowtown have struggled with the cold. Mr. Pop polar bear even tried to invent a heating system which he called "Pop Polar Bears Heating System." Breathing hot air into a big, then he tied the bad and sold them for 20 salmon apiece. The problem with this was when you got the bag home it got cold and the bags were so small there was not enough of the air to warm even a closet. Needless to say he didn't make much salmon on this idea. The Mooses were even cold but they felt since they were the strongest in Snowtown, they should not let the others know how they felt. But back to the story. Finster had mentioned an old hermit in a cave that knew how to warm things up. "That's just a fable," said Moosic. "It's not a fable becuase I've been there and have seen him!" said Finster defiantly. "You have!?" said Moosic. "Is it far?" "No" said Finser, "just over the Ice mountain." "We have to tell the others" said Moosic, "Let's go!" So the tow mooses got in their heavy cloths and went out and put up signs all around Snowtown. The signs read, "Big Meeting about heat at the town square at noon!" "Everyone be there!" Signed Moosic and Finster. And so at noon Moosic and Finster arrived at the town square. All of the mooses and penquins and polar bears and other animals were there waiting. Also animals from the other villages such as Iceville and Freeztonia showed up. The word had spread about possible heat! Moosic and Finster walked up to the podium and everyone hushed. Moosic cleared his throat and began to speak "gobbledy gobbledy goopy wop mop" said Moosic. Everyone said "what?" Moosic was shy when it came to speaking to large crowds so Finster took over. "What Moosic is trying to say is we know where to get the secret of heat!" Said Finster boldly. Everyone started to mumble, "mumble mumble mumble" said everyone. One large moose named Rocky stepped out of the crowd he didn't beleive Moosic and Finster. "How do you know this!" said the bull headed Rocky. "I know because I know this!" said Finster right back. "Then we all are going with you to see for ourselves" said rocky. Everyone knodded agreeingly. "Okay lets meet here in an hour and we will go" said Finser. Everyone agreed. "Gooby farfm grumble diddy" said Moosic. Everyone looked back. "He says thank you" said Finster. With that they all set about getting ready for the journey. In an hour everyone from all over had gathered in the square with their carts full of bagage and paper bags filled with lunches for the baby mooses and penquins and polar bears. Moosic and Finster went to the head of the group and the march began over hills and through valleys, past giant forests and beautiful waterfalls. After a few hours everyone decided to take a break and have lunch. Salmon tarts, salmon and crackers, salmon salad, and for desert a salmon moose. Finster and Moosic just had a bit of cheese. After lunch it was time to move on so everyone got up and proceeded to the cave of the hermit. After hours had passed they finally reached the Ice mountain. "Everyone wait here" said Finster. Gobby wob wob!" said Moosic. The couwd said "what!" He said "yeah" said Finster. So Moosic and Finster climbled the mountain. They had no trouble climbing the ice because moosic was smart and brought four pairs of mountain climbing boots frm Herb penguins ice mountain climbing store and chocolate shop in downtown Snowtown. As they climbed they heard a pecular chirping sound coming from an ice ledge. As they got closer they was it was a polar duck. Polar ducks are different from regular ducks because they like to build snowmen and you can't do this in warm regular duck areas. "Excuse me, we're looking for the hermit who lives up here" said Finster . The polar duck looked up from his work annoyingly, "can't you see i'm building a snowman!" "Sorry we disturbed you" said Moosic," but we need to find him." "I will tell you if you have a carrot and 2 pieces of coal and a button so I can finish my masterpiece." Said the polar duck. Moosic was worried that he would not have these items but he would check in his bag anyway. Moosic opened his bag and found some bits of salmon, some string he was saving, two paper clips, ten silver coins and an empty bad of hot air sold to him by Pop polar bear. "That will do" said the polar duck as he grabbed the items from Moosic. Finster and moosic could not figure out what the polar duck would use these items for but they didn't bother to ask him. "Thank you, and now I will tell you where the hermit lives. Climb a little farther up and then yell "Henry"! and ther hermit will find you" said the polar duck. "Thank you," said Moosic and Finster. "Enjoy the salmon and string and paperclips." "Oh I will" said the polar duck and off the two went up the mountain when they finally reched the area the polar duck said they gaave out a loud yell "Henry!" The sound echoed all around the mountain and shook trees and ground, then everything went silent. All of a sudden a head popped out of the snow a short bearded little elf like human with pointy ears and a little staff "What!!!!" he grumbled out."Are you the hermit who has the secret of heat" said Moosic. "So what if I am" said the little elf like guy. "We have ventured for hours looking for you, we need wo warm ourselves and we were told you can help us" said Finster. "On your way up did a polar duck ask you for anything" said the elf inquisitively. "Yes," said Moosic, "and I gave him what I had left." "Well that's my pet polar duck and since you have been so kind to him I will give you my secret" said the wise old hermit elf. So the elf took Moosic and Finster to a large cave. "This is my house" said the hermit. As they entered Moosic and Finster felt what only can be described as warm. Yes it was definitly a warm feeling. As the three proceeded deeper into the cave they saw a reddish yellow glow coming from a hold in the back wall of the cave. "This is what I call a fire place" said the hermit," this is my secret and in it is what I call fire." The secret had been revealed and Moosic and Finster jumped for joy as high as mooses could jump. For hours the hermit taught Moosic and Finster how to build a fireplace and make fire. "Thank you hermit" said Moosic and Finster as they left the cave headed down the mountain with the new found knowlege. They finally reached the others who were getting restless waiting for the two. Moosic and Finster showed the animals what they had learned. Everyone cheerred except on thing, they did not like the word "fire" so they all decided to call the heat "Bangenfloutenborf". This was a grander word for such a wonderous thing. And so the animals rejoiced as each home built their Bangenfloutenborf and no one ever again complained about the cold.