What if a cow had wings like a bird how absured, a flying herd! And what if a cat had wings like a bat flying at night now what do ya think of that! If mooses wore shoes would they climp and clomp stumble off their heels with a womp and a jump. Giraffs who could count from one to eleven they'd whistle to three and back at seven! Fish who could hop and frogs with a horn there was never a stranger animal born! Hippity hop went the ant on his way flurpity flup went the pig as you may! If ardvarks could fly would they pull santa's sleigh? An jingle and jangle from bells winnie and neigh. Never before has there been such a sight a walrus with chewing gum a mole with a kite! The mole flys so gracefull his friends at his side. A little white chipmunk all full up with pride! He's got a new coat! And what if a goat who likes to climb rocks was really a nanny for part of the day! He'd say to the children its time for your bed! It's never that easy with things in your head! A hippo with hiccups and ostrich or bear it always looks silly when which is not where! This time now has ened with talk of these things it's animal nonsense and if the phone rings don't answer don't hang up it's all the quite same it's animal nonsense! It's all just a game!