A FISH TALE by Jeff Erzin -

Once upon a time there was a little fish named Finnin. Finnin spent all his days swimming and playing and jumping in his little pond. The ponds name was Wigham. The other fish in Wigham didn't like Finnin becuase he was always thinking. Finnin would think and think and think till he was fast asleep. Once he awoke he would eat and then think some more. Now in Wigham, Finnin had one close friend, Melvin. Melvin wasn't like the other fish for he was a turtle. "Why are you always thinking?" said Melvin to Finnin. "I like to think about Zelada." Finnin said boldly. Zelda was a beautiful goldfish who lived in the big wooden thing on the hill. she would swim back and forth in this thing that looked like water but was hard and stone. Finnin longed to be with Zelda but she didn't even know he existed. "I must save her from the stone water thing', he exclaimed. This is why all the others in Wigham thought he was strange. Why leave the safety of the pond to venture out to the big wooden thing. There were scary things out there, tall trees that walk and speak and flying things and creepy crawly things and the most dreaded of all....Pete! The four legged furry thing that the tall trees that walked called...A CAT! Finnin decided he needed a plan and the only wise on in Wigham was Amadeus. Amadeus came from a long line fo wise crabs. "I will talk to Amadeus," Finnin said to Melvin, he will know what to do. So the two swam towards Amadeus' house. They passed Wally and Willy the starfish twins and Mrs. Pettystill, a very large halibut with eating problem though she was still very nice. Finnin and Melvin finally reached Amadeus' house and tapped lightly on the door. "Amadeus, it's us! Finnin and Melvin" Finnin said. A little peephole opened and a voice boomed out, "Who is it?!" said the voice. "It's Finnin and Melvin sir....we've come to talk to you." Melvin said meekly. "Go away!" Said Amadeus and slammed shut the peephole door. "But sir!...we're on a dangerous mission and we need a plan." Said Finnin. The door swung open briskly and Amadeus popped his head, or what you might call a head for a crab, out. "Well why didn't you say so in the first place! Come in! Come in!" Amadeus said as he grabbed the two, flinging them into his home and across the floor till their heads hit the wall witha thump! "The walls have ears.....shhh!" Amadeus whispers. The two dazed lads look at him perplexed and amused at the same time. "No they don't" chuckled Melvin. "Yes they do" said Amadeus. "Look here!" Amadeus points up to the far wall where two huge moose ears hang suspened. "Got'em yesterday at the fish market, don't they look lovely?" said Amadeus putting his arm around Finnin. "Enough about the moose,' said Amadeus "what seems to be the problem?" "We need a plan to get into the big wooden thing on the hill," said Finnin. Amadeus is aghast, to think of going into the big wooden thing was totally ridiculus in his opinion. "You'll be fishfood for sure if you try to get in there!" Said Amadeus. "But i'll help you just the same. Just go there between noon and one o'clock, that's when the fury four legged animal easts and you will be able to get in," said Amadeus. "But why do you want to go there?" he asked inquisitively. "We must save Zelda!" barked Finnin. "Oh well, good luck" said Amadeus as the two departed. It was time to go for the noon hour was fast approaching. Finnin and Melvin trudged out of Wigham with some bits of cheese and fresh socks just incase their feet got muddy. Fish do not have feet but turtles do so Melvin wore them. As they got close to the bark and scary wood thing some big walking trees thundered by. It was like and earthquake and Finnin and Melvin thought they would be crushed. Luckly Melvin was a quick turtle and Finnin hopped on his back and voohm!...off they went. The sockes helped. They finally came upon the big wooden thing. There was a mouse hole. Finnin knew who it belonged to, it was Fred's hole. Fred the field mouse would come down t the pond and chat with Finnin from time to time about things. He told Finnin if you ever needed a favor from him just ask! They entered the hole and there was Fred. "Hello Finnin, how are you!" said Fred. "Fine" said Finnin. "We need a favor." "Sure" said Fred, "what is it?" "We need you to distract the fury four legged animal so we can save Zelda," said Finnin. "Oh you mean Pete, no problem!...he chases me all the time!" Fred said with an air of defiance. So off they went into the big wooden thing. "I'm going to be a hero!" Finnin said. "Oh that's nice" said Fred. The three continued walking slowly deeper and deeper into the big wooden thing. Finally they saw him, the big fury four legged thing called Pete. He was licking his chops and holding tightly onto the hard stone water thing that held Zelda. As they neared Pete Fred gave a loud squeek and Pete charged at him. They both ran around squeeking and meowing till they were both totally out of sight. There it was at last, the stone water thing and Zelda looking very exhausted after very nearly being eaten by Pete. The stone water thing sat perched high up in big wooden thing. Melvin Boosted Finnin up. Higher and higher he climed and smaller and smaller Melvin looked. As Finnin climbed over the top there was Zelda swimming along. "I've come to save you," Finnin said heroically. "My hero!!" screamed Zelda. So Finnin, Zelda and Melvin headed back to Wigham where they were greeted with cheers from the whole population. Even Pete was there becuase he liked partys. Finnin felt so important and loved by Zelda and they lived happily ever after swimming and playing and thinking. Thinking about what you may ask...... Well that's another story!