DWEEBLE'S CLOSET by Jeff Erzin -

Dweeble was an inquisitive mouse. Just ask anyone who happened to be at least five feet in his vicinity. Why is the sky blue, why do we have tails, were does cheese come from, what is the square root of 62, if two train speeding at a velocity of 900 miles stop at equal distance for lunch! The questions go on and on. So much so that other mice decided they would avoid the questions by avoiding Dweeble all together. This led Dweeble to spend more and more time alone in his room. Playing with his kinder surprise toys and presenting his quesitons to them. Of course they did not answer, which frustrated Dweeble to no end. When Dweeble was totally frustrated by the silent toys, he would burst from his room, blurting out incoherent, auctioneering, machine gun like questions to his mother. She would stand there patiently like all mothers do and listen to her little sons questions. It's not that she was patient that enabled her to withstand Dweebl's verbal assault. She was hard of hearing in one ear and had plugged the other ear with a piece of hardened cheese. She had learned this years ago when Dweeble first began his rise to question king of the family. She would just smile and nod and say "Dweeble, your father knows the answer to this and that he will tell you as soon as he comes home". Knowing full well her husband, Dweebles father would not be home again for months, being that he was a mouse first mate on a cheese ship bound for the Orient. Eventually Dweeble would tire himself out and his mom would carry him to his room. Still mumbling questions between snores. This was moms time now, the silence was golden and deafing at the same time. She would dance to and fro singing "Dweebles gone to bed now" until she fell fast asleep. In the middle of the night Dweeble was awakened by a thumping sound coming from his closet. He sat up and listened. The thumping grew to a scratching sound and then a pounding sound. Dweeble was frightened. "Could there be monsters in his closet and what did they eat? Were they furry with large fangs, did they speak like mice? if two of these creatures were on seperate trains going 600 miles and hour, which train would stop for lunch first? Even in his fright, Dweeble could not, not ask quesitons. Dweeble jumped up and put on his bunny rabbit pajamas with the feet, Dweeble wore these whenever he got scared and ran screaming to his mom. "There's a monster in my closet, ther's a monter in my cloest!" Dweebles mom awoke and calmed him down explaining there could be no monsters in the closet because there were no such things as monsters. Dweeble's mom believed even if there were they would not attempt to deal with the fifty questions a minute Dweeble. She tucked him back to sleep and told him things would be better in the morning. Morning came and went, afternoon came and went and in crept evening. Things seem to happen faster when you are scared thought Dweeeble. Dweeble stayed in the TV room watching reruns of the Andy Griffmouse show till it was time to go to bed. "Bed time" yelled his mother. A sinking feeling crept into the pit of Dweeble's stomach. Dweeble thought this would be his last night alive. Mother, if i'm not around anymore please answer there 100 questions I put on this paper. Dweebles mom thought this absurd and told him they would discuss this in the morning. Dweeble would not die without a fight. He put on his trusty rabbit pajamas with the feet and climbed in bed waiting for the terrible onslaught that would befall him during the night. As the hours passed Dweeble let exhaustion take over fear and fell fast asleep. In the wee hours Dweeble was awakened by the same thudding, scratching sound of the night before. Dweeble jumped out of bed. But insead of heading to his mom, he headed for the closet. The sounds grew lounder and louder as he entred the closet. The closet was a maze of toys and clothes and question games. Dweeble loved question games. He moved boxes and clothes and games and things and found another door. The sound had grown very loud and seemed to be coming from behind the newly discovered door. Dweeble procceded to cautiously open the door when all of a sudden it was pushed open by this long, large, furry clawed arm. Dweeble was thron back into a corner of the closet. The monster thrust it's face into the small doorway only able to get its nose and mouth into the closet. The creature let out a screatch and tried desperately to gobble up Dweeble. Dweeble felt he would not get out alive even though he was wearing his invinsable rabbit pajamas with the feet. With all the courage he could muster, he jumped up and slammed the newly found door in the face of the monster and ran back into his room, catching his rabbit pajamas with feet on something which ripped them into shreds. Dweeble too off what as left and dropped them into his closet and ran not to his mom but straight outside to the meadow. When morning came Dweebles mother went to wake him, only to find the shredded rabit pajamas with the feet and the inner closet door ajar. "Oh my Dweeble has been eaten!" She cried, Why didn't I ever tell him about the creature, humans call cats," She thought to herself. From now on she would answer any question anyone had even if they hadn't a question. At that moment Dweeble burst in from the meadow and explained to his mom what had happened the night before. She jumped for joy seeing her son still in one piece, questions and all. "Mother from now on I will never ask a queston again said Dweeble." And so they lived happily ever after mother answering every question or not and Dweeble never going into his closet again. The End.